Orange Silicon Valley is a US subsidiary of Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, serving more than 253 million customers across 27 countries. Orange Silicon Valley is a passionate, forward-thinking team of experts who thrive by connecting ecosystems and making innovation and technology visible, accessible, and actionable for a responsible digital world. For more than 20 years, Orange Silicon Valley has been providing strategic insights to the Orange Group worldwide leveraging a unique understanding of the US market. Orange Silicon Valley is headquartered in San Francisco with a regional office in New York.

What we do:


We look to the ecosystem of Silicon Valley to meet new ideas and to inspire others. We expect the unexpected, and embrace the unavoidable as quickly as possible while preparing for the next wave on the horizon.


We spend our time in the Cloud, hacking new products from the Valley, evaluating them with test-beds and benchmarks, and crafting adaptations of disruptive technology for use in our networks and devices. SDKs, APIs, and frameworks are the tools all developers use, and we learn from the ecosystem by using these tools alongside them.


OSV experts participate in open source forums, test-beds, and benchmarks. We host events, support innovators and analysts in Los Angeles and the SF Bay Area, and maintain an active schedule of conference attendance throughout the year across the innovation center that is California.


We actively bring Orange senior managers, major customers, and European policymakers into dialog with the disruptors of Silicon Valley. OSV takes you behind the latest news and puts you in contact with the newsmakers before it hits the Web.

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