Orange is a leading network operator for mobile, broadband internet, and fixed line telecommunications in 27 countries, with enterprise IT and communications services extending to 220 countries and territories under the Orange Business Services brand. We’re a global community of 151,000 people, reflecting the wonderfully varied markets we serve.

We have a rich 40-year heritage of improving the world of communications through high-performing infrastructure and innovative services that have marked the history of telecommunications, from the first telematics services in France during the 1980s, to today’s NFC, cloud, 4G, fibre, and IPTV services that we’re launching on a global scale.

Throughout this period of international and technological progress, our role has been to help our customers communicate, interact and collaborate more. Orange can be a powerful and positive agent for change, and that’s why our investments go beyond high performing networks, and into the products and services that make life easier for our more than 268 million customers.

Our brand embodies our values and optimism to offer high-quality services while focusing on the human benefits created by technology. Our motto “today changes with Orange” captures this daily commitment to make the world’s digital transformation a simple and useful reality for all. Today, Orange is the world’s 51st most valuable brand, worth $22.2 billion.

We aim to become the leading operator in the Internet era by investing in tomorrow’s networks, by driving continuous innovation through cooperation with other players in our ecosystem, and by leveraging our quality of service and expertise.

Orange is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris (symbol ORA) and on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol ORAN).

You can read more about Orange’s history here.

By the numbers

  • 148,000 employees (including 88,000 in France)
  • 8,000 Orange volunteers working for the Orange Foundation in 30 countries
  • 6,857 patents in our portfolio
  • 415,000+ Fibre customers
  • 4G in 13 countries (in Europe and 5 out of Europe)
  • 39.2 million Orange Money customers in 17 countries