Mireille Helou is an accomplished chief executive with a globe-spanning history of work in the telecommunications industry. Mireille joined Orange Silicon Valley (OSV) in 2019 as Chief Executive Officer. As CEO of OSV in San Francisco, Mireille leads a multi-disciplinary team of computer scientists, engineers, sociologists, economists, and designers, who engage with the local Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Mireille holds an engineering degree from the American University of Beirut and has worked in many positions during her 18 years at Orange Group, including Chief Business Market Officer of Orange Telkom Kenya from 2013-2016, and more recently CEO of Orange Réunion Mayotte where she led a team of nearly 1,000 employees from 2016-2019, deploying high-speed fiber in these territories with cutting-edge technologies. Her areas of expertise include many domains, such as sales, procurement, and digital transformation, most notably in Africa and Middle East. Prior to joining Orange, Mireille worked in sales and marketing for more than nine years and has always made customer experience a top priority.
Gabriel Sidhom is Orange Silicon Valley's Chief Operating Officer. He's responsible for all of the engineering, development, research, and business model functions.  He leads OSV’s core efforts of advanced proofs of concepts, prototyping, and services development that deliver business innovations emblematic of the Silicon Valley technology ecosystem for the Orange Group. Previously he was in charge of Technology Analysis and Business Implementation of the unit for Orange.

Before that he held different roles within Orange, including serving as VP for Orange’s European-based voice and IP wholesale services division, VP of Marketing & Business Planning for GlobeCast, Orange's satellite broadcasting subsidiary, and as the VP of Marketing for Orange US.

Before joining Orange, Mr. Sidhom worked for Verizon/GTE in a variety of executive-level marketing and development roles from 1980 to 1991.

Mr. Sidhom holds an MA from UCLA. He holds three patents.

Guillaume Payan

VP, Startup Outreach
As the VP, Startup Outreach leading Orange Fab, Guillaume Payan oversees all activities related to the identification, growth and success of the Orange Fab program in the US. Guillaume is in charge of identifying investment and business opportunities in the media and entertainment spaces and manages Orange Silicon Valley’s presence in Los Angeles. Guillaume holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon, France and a Master’s in strategy and management of international businesses from ESSEC Business School in Paris, France.

Tina Whitfield

Head of Marketing
As the Head of Marketing, Tina Whitfield oversees the marketing and communications that illuminate the Orange brand within Silicon Valley.  She is passionate about customer experience and sees the vibrant Orange ecosystem as customers to serve through advanced marketing and communication platforms.  Before joining Orange, Tina worked for DigitalGlobe, Nokia, and Qualcomm in highly visible cross-functional roles building an alumni network of innovation leaders.

Additionally, Tina has served as an Executive Entrepreneur in Residence at Vonzos and SK Telecom Innopartners where she advised start-ups across Silicon Valley. Tina is an active supporter of Femtech; during the early years of Women in Technology International, she established and led the San Diego chapter. Today, she is a catalyst for Femtech events at Orange. Finally, when it comes inspiring the Generation Z workforce, Tina is working with the University of Santa Clara on technology marketing projects that enhance our global humanity.