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Brian oversees content operations at Orange Silicon Valley.

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Orange Silicon Valley Bistrocast: Will Barkis on the state of Smart Cities

Smart Cities is a category that gets applied to many different technologies, and Will Barkis knows about how it's treated in a variety of contexts. In this discussion, he describes interesting pilot projects that he has observed, as well as what he has learned about the policy side of Smart Cities tech, thanks to his time working with the mayor's office in San Francisco. ...

Orange Silicon Valley Bistrocast: Mike Vladimer on the future of IoT

The first episode of the Orange Silicon Valley Bistrocast features a one-on-one talk with Mike Vladimer, the co-founder of Orange Silicon Valley's IoT Studio. In this debut episode, Mike explains how he came from working on technology for missiles to an arena that enables connectivity for dog collars, bikes, and enterprise offices. He discusses what people commonly misunderstand about IoT and what he sees successful IoT products doing correctly. ...

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