Orange Business Services is the division of Orange specifically focused on enabling communication solutions for those in the enterprise. It offers integrated communications and technology solutions and services to multinational corporations in various business to business areas, including cloud computing, conferencing, customer contact, machine to machine, mobility management, networking, security, voice and telephony, and collaborative services.

Services and expertise

Over 20,000 professionals bridge the gap between technology and what’s right for your business to help you overcome challenges and gain maximum value out of your solutions. We offer the following services:

  • cloud computing: flexible IT resources and on-demand services
  • customer contact solutions: consulting design, implementation, and management
  • mobility management: remote access, mobile SSL, secure authentication and mobile device management
  • tablet and smartphones: access, control and security for your mobile devices
  • Internet of Things (M2M): tracking, geo-location, process automation, remote control, e-payment, and telemetry
  • security services: 300+ certifications in security, technology, and service management
  • conferencing solutions: easy-to-use interactive audio, Web, and video meeting services
  • workplaces of the future: collaborative services that exploit the benefits of unified communications
  • much more

We meet the needs of the world’s largest multinational organizations with our unique combination of robust network and IT infrastructure, managed business services and professional, reliable people.

By the numbers:

  • More than 3,000 multinational customers outside France
  • More than 2 million small business and enterprise customers in France
  • 160 countries and territories with a local presence (including Silicon Valley)
  • 5 major service centers worldwide
  • 104 countries covered by the telepresence network
  • 32 countries covered by Orange’s mobile network
  • 1.8 million Business Everywhere users worldwide
  • 323,000 IP VPN accessses in 172 countries


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