Meet the Orange Digital Ventures Leadership

Two members of the Orange Executive Committee, Pierre Louette, and Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, joined byJérémie Dutray, the Group head of M&A, steer Orange Digital Ventures investments. In North America, they are supported by the CEO of Orange Silicon Valley, Georges Nahon, a management team that includes Guillaume Payan, the Orange Fab Lead, and a team of 50+ analysts.

  • Pierre Louette
    Orange Deputy CEO & President of ODV; WW President of Orange Silicon Valley
  • Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière
    Orange Senior Executive Vice President
  • Jérémie Dutray
    Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Georges Nahon
    CEO, Orange Silicon Valley
  • Gabriel Sidhom
    VP Technology
  • Mark Plakias
    VP Knowledge Transfer
  • Guillaume Payan
    Orange Fab Lead
  • Derek Au
  • Jay Onda

By the numbers:


  • $36.3M – Average total funds raised at companies backed by Orange Digital Ventures in North America

  • 244 Million – Customers using Orange products and services in 29 countries

  • 22 – Number of Co-investors in rounds where Orange Digital Ventures is active participant

  • 57% – Average number of corporate venture partners in rounds where we have participated


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How to make Orange Digital Ventures USA part of your growth strategy

As the early-stage investment vehicle for Silicon Valley based innovators, our local team works with entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Whether it is partnering for proof of concepts and validation of disruptive technology, or bringing our network of mentors and corporate partners to bear on startups in our Orange Fab accelerator, we have a holistic perspective that goes beyond just financial backing. Orange has maintained a strong focus on Silicon Valley for over 15 years, across multiple disciplines. Whether its drones or Big Data, mesh networks or VR, we have the expertise and the commitment to help your business prosper across the breadth and depth of the Orange ecosystem, which includes some of the world’s largest companies and exciting growth markets.

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