“Content is the king-maker, it’s not the king. The king is the platform. HBO is the king, Spotify is the king.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, WndrCo

  • Guillaume Payan
  • Guillaume Courouge

Current developments in hardware, software, and platform technologies are enabling new forms of immersive, engaging content to emerge and thrive. From virtual and augmented reality to esports and niche OTT services, OSV’s Content & Media program aims to monitor and understand the many ways that the creation, discovery, consumption, and monetization of content will be impacted.

Opportunities for corporate partners

  • Access to hottest startups in the Consumer VR Silicon Valley ecosystem
  • New use cases for Enterprise AR/VR applications

Opportunities for startups

  • Access to corporate partners
  • Proof of Concepts

Impacted industries

  • Film Studios & Content companies
  • Consumer Electronics & Videogames
  • Hosting/Cloud service providers
  • OTT video service provider, Cableco, MVDP
  • Brand management, Advertising
  • Construction & Architecture
  • Healthcare
  • Sports

Related topics

  • e-sports
  • Vertical use cases for Augmented/Mixed Reality
  • Realtime data visualization
  • Collaboration technologies
  • Smart Cities, First Responder tech
  • e-Health

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