“Digital security is converging with personal and physical security and the public is starting to realize how much they are both intertwined. Cybersecurity used to be a problem reserved for the IT department. Now it is a real life, daily concern for parents, teenagers, teachers, small business owners, and beyond.”

-Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security, speaking at the RSA Conference in 2018

  • Alex Chitea

Cybersecurity has become a boardroom concern for organizations across the entire business spectrum. Recently, a number of forces have been reshaping this industry. First, governments have been strengthening regulations to force data owners to exercise their responsibility to protect the privacy of data. In light of these recent changes, most practitioners expect more regulation in the years ahead. Another shift is noticeable around the accelerating technological change (e.g., move to hybrid-cloud architectures, IoT device proliferation, and more) which is increasing the attack surface. Finally, enabled by easy access to advanced technologies (e.g., availability of open-source AI/ML libraries,) attackers have also been refining their tools and methods. Organizations around the world realize the need to collaborate to anticipate threats and detect the next attack. Here at Orange Silicon Valley, we are optimistic about the impact cybersecurity will have on the future of our society. We believe in collaborating with the best people, technologies, startups, and corporations. Come talk to us!

Opportunities for corporate partners 

  • Proof of concept
  • Project feasibility
  • Exchange of data and algorithms

Opportunities for startups 

  • Validation and market knowledge from our cybersecurity experts
  • Proof of concept
  • Access to corporate partners

Impacted industries

Cybersecurity is a foundational technology that affects every company in every industry. 

Related topics

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  • Blockchain
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Cloud computing
  • Mobile and IoT
  • Quantum computing

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