We offer our partners a sandbox to help their marketing operations teams perform “what-if” analysis on digital marketing outcomes by testing and integrating relevant digital marketing technology platforms. Engagement projects can have specified goals such as optimizing overall marketing budget spend, lowering cost per customer acquisition, and increasing click-through rate. It’s an opportunity to get a front-row seat to better understand the many shifts that are currently unfolding across the digital landscape.


How does it work?

Participating companies are asked to evaluate the current Quants Marketing Studio program of active collaboration themes, and are invited to use Orange talent evaluation tools to help identify internal candidates and projects that could leverage quantified marketing insights.

Participants in the program will be working alongside Orange Silicon Valley teams on jointly-defined projects for a term of three to nine months. There will be two types of engagements: a basic engagement involves working with Orange team remotely by sharing signals and receiving insights; a comprehensive engagement involves participants being onsite with the Orange team and jointly working with ecosystem partners. Participating companies are expected to provide compensation, housing, and all requisite travel and moving costs.

For more information about Orange’s Quants Marketing Studio, please contact Ashish Patel, Head Quant Marketing.

What’s in it for you?

Here are some examples of how you can leverage the Quantified Marketing program here at Orange Silicon Valley:


Inventory your data assets and onboard marketing data for online targeting, then build customer profiles and measure how your channels are performing.


Track and benchmark digital campaign results across channels to develop an action plan to optimize spending and targeting by performing sensitivity analysis and running what-if simulations.


Utilize gathered intelligence to develop prediction models and enable inclusion of new and upcoming best-of-breed point solutions into the existing online marketing mix.

Get ready:

Rethink marketing as a data-centric process. Identify new tools and train marketing operations and product managers to build upon quantified marketing insights.

The Quants Marketing Studio team will help participants with on-boarding internal signals such as audience-related data, as well as external signals from sources like Google AdWords or Facebook Exchange. We can set up a simulation sandbox which would enable participant to perform what-if analysis using external marketing technology partners vetted by our organization. Orange Silicon Valley will also help with legal issues, logistics costs for employees, and everything that’s needed in order to hit the ground running.