Orange Netsquare Studio

Network virtualization has emerged as one of the hottest topics in Cloud, Data Center, and Carrier environments. Open source efforts, such as OpenStack and Open Platform for NFV, are becoming more mainstream.

Orange Silicon Valley has been contributing to technological innovations in both software-defined networking (SDN) and network functioning virtualizations (NFV) in recent years and its NetSquared Studio is currently working on building an open, integrated environment that leverages both SDN and NFV while also seeking to improve upon advancements made in the space of white-box switches and Linux network operating systems.

Orange’s NetSquared Studio consists of testbeds and proof-of-concept technologies showcasing applications and solutions for both enterprise and carrier platforms.

For more information about Orange’s Netsquare Studio, please contact Gabriel Sidhom, Vice President of Technology, for more information.

Orange RESTless Studio

The Orange RESTless Studio is is investigating and re-imagining the Application Programming Interface (API). As the backbone for next-generation digital businesses, APIs are becoming increasingly critical to infrastructure in order to connect the data economy with the apps that are dependent on its content. The RESTless Studio aims to enable businesses to leverage this capability by providing solutions for managing the full cycle of their API development.

Our team engages potential business customers to help them understand what APIs are and how to effectively manage them. We’ll develop and manage their API programs, regardless of whether they are for internal innovation projects using in-house developers, or for business development efforts involving external partners.

For more information about Orange’s RESTless Studio, please contact Gabriel Sidhom, Vice President of Technology, for more information.

Orange Campus West

The Orange Campus West (OCW) program provides a 360-degree look into the Silicon Valley ecosystem and provides an opportunity for our executives to look at innovation taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previous topics have included:

  • The value of ecosystems driving the creation of products and services
  • The importance of the Social Operating System and of social media
  • The importance of scaling as both an imperative for success as well as for profitability
  • The importance of “designing for delight and simplicity” in creating compelling applications and interfaces
  • Real-time data and the opportunities for agile and responsive services
  • The emergence of Big Data as a paradigm fueling the new way companies will work
  • and more