Our Sustainable Food Systems team explores how technology will help to evolve the food system. We seek to evaluate agriculture, aquaculture, logistics, and food waste technologies and accelerate the adoption of them across the food system. We accomplish this by bringing together startup companies with corporations to identify, develop, and test solutions in real-world commercial use cases.

We are seeking to identify and collaborate with companies to create the Smart Farm of the future as well as companies to trace food from farm to fork through the entirety of the food supply. If you are building the Internet of Things for agriculture/aquaculture, solving digitization of food data, or any relevant project that traces food from farm to fork, contact us to learn how we can collaborate.

We just released the “Bringing Digital Intelligence to Indoor Farming” report where we look at how machine intelligence is driving a nascent Controlled Environment Indoor Ag (CEIA) industry.

In June, we released the “Growing Smarter” report where we investigate the potential of technology to evolve the Food System. You can also follow our ongoing research into traceability and other aspects of the food web at our Sustainable Food Systems Medium posts.

Startup partners have access to

  • Co-marketing. Tell your story with a tier one network operator. Once we achieve something together, we’ll tell a compelling story to our corporate partners, the press, and at industry events, and with investors.
  • Access to corporate partners. We can find a relevant proof of concept to test your product in real-world scenarios.
  • Co-Development Resources. Limited budget is available to help drive your development efforts to proof of concept.

What we do

  • Bridge the gap between companies across food supply and technology startups to solve the global food challenge,  
  • Startups, collaborate with us to test out your disruptive technologies in real world scenarios
  • Corporate Partners, NGOs, and Growers, work with us to identify the use cases and develop innovative solutions to real world problems.

By the numbers…

Orange Silicon Valley is investing its intellectual capital into the Ag sector because venture funds in the field grew 91% in 2015.  

To better understand the ground truth of farmers in California, our Sustainable Foods team met with stakeholders managing 50,000 acres  of ag production for livestock, fruit, vegetables, and vineyards.

Fun Fact: We calculated a single tree in the orchards we visited at Sun Pacific was yielding as many as 1,100 oranges.

Where we’ve been

Orange Silicon Valley researchers been to over a dozen farms in the Central Valley, Salinas Valley, Napa Valley, and the Marin headlands, as well as actively participated in various conferences: