The Orange Silicon Valley Women in Tech program promotes diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and aims to inspire women. We are a community who support each other and exchange perspectives on topics such as health, gender equality, education, abilities, race, wellness, physical resources, age, economic and social position, and more.

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The FemTech industry globally is estimated to be worth over $50 billion by 2025, according to the research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Interest in this subcategory of health, tech, and retail has been propelled by new perspectives and innovations across the the industry in recent years, and Orange Silicon Valley’s latest Women in Tech event on September 26 assembled a panel of experts to explain why.

FemTech attendees

The proceeds from the OSV FemTech event supported The Cup, a non-profit that empowers unprivileged girls worldwide by providing them with sustainable menstrual cups and comprehensive education on sexuality and reproductive rights.

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This program promotes diversity and inclusion in the tech industry and aims to inspire women. We provide year-round events to a community of women who wish to advance each other professionally and personally. Women in Tech was created at the end of 2018 as a series of intimate events where women would feel empowered to ask questions and share their experiences in the workplace. The goal of this program is to arrange a safe space to discover, learn, and mingle among each other. In order to meet new people and further spread our outreach, we encourage our contacts to bring a +1 of their choice


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“One challenge in the FemTech space is explaining how your product will be expanded into a platform of sorts, and figuring out a way to justify a large evaluation.”

— Vanessa Larco

“Women working in tech especially have a lot of pressure on them, as this is a male dominant sector. It’s not emphasized enough that wellness is key to accomplish a successful professional life.”

— Kari Sulenes

“If you don’t have those role models, of people or women who have gone to college, or gone into tech jobs, you won’t be as inspired to do that”

— Aude Anquetil