Technology developments have enabled consumers to access video content in new ways. Smartphones, high speed mobile networks, and streaming platforms have paved the way for the “WWW” era of “Whatever” content, delivered “Wherever,” and “Whenever.”

While the content landscape is continuously evolving, there is now a clear demarcation between the viewing habits of the young millennials and the generations before them.

The most striking feature of this new landscape is the shift from consuming content through traditional TV form-factors to consuming content on personal screens via mobile devices. The nature of the content, the means and cost of production, lowered significantly by technology advances in capture and editing software, and the modes of distribution are all changing significantly. Now, growth is coming from short-form content created by lesser known talent that now emerge not from Hollywood but from new media and social platforms such as YouTube, SnapChat, and Facebook, delivered on-demand through apps and social channels.

The new content is gaining momentum and chipping away at the old, most notably linear TV. It led first to “cord cutting” among the older demographic, and is now leading to a generation of “cord-nevers” among the younger demographic.

These shifts in behaviors, particularly visible among millennials, are neither complete nor have they reached critical mass.

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